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Juicy Apricot, Orange & Ginger Bar

Our Apricot, Orange and Ginger bar is smooth and sweet and packs a punch. Apricots give a lovely soft sweet flavour while the orange juice gives it a fresh zesty citrus tang. The natural spicy ginger flavour makes your taste buds jump to attention. This hot sultry ingredient adds that little something extra to our bars.

Moist Mixed Berry Bar

Moist blackcurrants give our mixed berry bar an intensely tantalising flavour, and gives our bars a longer lasting fruit taste. Our cranberries are juice infused to balance their distinctive zingy taste. They have a perfect blend of tart and sweet flavour. Luscious blackberry juice is added to our bar to complete the rich berry flavour, a perfect balance of ripe fruit.

Scrumptious Strawberry Bar

The strawberries in our scrumptious strawberry bar have a delicate sweet flavour that gives our bar a fragrant and sweet fruity taste. Adding red grape juice enhances the overall sweet aromatic flavour and gives our bar a longer lasting strawberry taste.

Tangy Pineapple, Coconut & Lime Bar

The sweet and tangy taste of real pineapple chunks & juices blended together with pear, grape and lime to complement the tropical flavours. The delicious texture of fruit pieces with added desiccated coconut makes the bar a surprisingly moreish trio of flavours.

Radiant Raspberry Bar

Our Raspberry bar couples a delicious mix of dried raspberries with mouth-watering raspberry, apple and grape juices. The sharp combination of traditional raspberries and flavoursome juices with the fragrance of coconut oil creates a naturally sweet but subtle fruity taste.

Marvellous Mango Bar

Lots of juicy mangos go into this ripe and ready bar. Intensely fruity in flavour and incredibly satisfying in texture. Our mango bar is packed with real mango chunks, mango juice and natural flavour. The added orange and apple juices compliment the mango perfectly, once mixed with oats and coconut oil this little bar is transformed into a taste sensation.

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