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Vegan Plant-based Picnics

Happy adventure days with plant-based picnics and Get Fruity!

The summer holidays are now in full-swing and with the Sun shining on (most!!) days it is the perfect time for adventures and fun, Being 'out and about' all day can make finding healthy, interesting and tasty food tricky, particularly if you are Vegan or simply experimenting with a more plant-based way of life. Vegan recipes and snacks, like fantastic Get Fruity bars, are a sure-fire way of ensuring you never have a run of the mill picnic again.

Plant-based alfresco dining doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to the classic picnic fare; the mighty sandwich!! We have found the most amazing recipe for a beetroot hummus and crispy chickpea sub-sandwich which leaves all other sandwiches quivering on the side-lines. Huge on taste and small on effort this sub is an all-time favourite of ours.

Beetroot Hummus and Crispy Chickpea Sub-sandwich

  • Blitz 300g of beetroot (in water - drained) with 300g of drained chickpeas, 2tbsp of vegetarian pesto and 1tbsp of oil in the food processor with seasoning to taste until you have a thick, smooth Hummus.
  • Fry 100g of chickpeas in oil until crispy then set aside.
  • Toss some salad leaves (we love rocket, watercress and spinach) in a tbsp of vegetarian pesto and a splash of white-wine vinegar.
  • Heat the ciabatta as per label.
  • Slice and assemble, layering the hummus, salad leaves and crispy chickpeas.

Insanely scrumptious warm but equally delicious cold.

As you know here at Get Fruity we love bright vibrant colours in everything, especially our food and this next recipe is, quite simply, a rainbow in a wrap! It can brighten up the greyest of days and the taste doesn't disappoint either.

Veggie Olive Wraps with Mustard Vinaigrette

  • Mix 1 carrot, 80g of shredded red cabbage, 2 spring onions, 1 courgette coarsely grated, handful of basil leaves and green olives pitted and halved.
  • Mix half a tsp of English mustard powder with 2tsp of extra virgin rapeseed oil and 1tbsp of cider vinegar and toss through the salad.
  • Wrap in one large tortilla for a taste sensation.

The next recipe is a great twist on a classic potato salad but replacing the mayo for a much healthier and tastier combination.

Mediterranean Potato Salad

  • Heat some oil in a saucepan and add a glove of garlic, 1 onion and 1tsp of oregano for 5 -10 minutes.
  • Add 100g of roasted peppers (either pre-roast or from a jar) and 400g of tinned cherry tomatoes, season and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Boil 300g of new potatoes in water for 15 minutes until soft (halve if large potatoes).
  • Drain well, mix in the sauce, add some sliced black olives to taste and fresh, chopped basil.

A heady flavour combination that will have everyone asking for more.

These recipes are just a snippet of the expansive choice of plant-based food that is available for you and your family to try and love this summer.

Alongside these mouth-watering picnic 'mains' why not try some raw vegetables and hummus and some home-made vegetable crisps.

Of course, no day out is complete without some of our amazing Get Fruity bars for a healthy, tasty treat that will help sustain energy all day.