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Halloween Howlers!!

We love Halloween here at Get Fruity and it’s easy to get drawn in by the amazing decorations and food available at supermarkets and shops.  Our house has been spooktacularly decorated for two weeks, with the children hardly able to contain themselves at the thought of our Halloween party and (more importantly) trick or treating!  This year we are determined to be more economical when it comes to Halloween. We always re-use all our decorations year on year with the boys allowed to buy one new (non-plastic) spooky treat in the build up!  

Although we are not a very crafty family (my hubby-to-be not included) we try to make spooky paper-chains together where the boys get to paint, glue and biodegradable glitter until their hearts are content, we always do this the night before Halloween to enhance their excitement.

Here is a picture of my spooky duo, they would literally spend the whole year dressed like this if they could!!!!

This year in readiness for our spooky Halloween party we thought we would let the boys get creative with some Halloween food. After scaling Instagram for ideas, I found loads of awesome-looking,simple to make (or so they seem!!) spooky health Halloween treats! Be warned this next part is like an Instagram v’s reality post (not suitable for the craft-minded!!!).

Armed with Get Fruity bars, fruit, both fresh and dried, and icing we settled down to create some Spooktacular snacks!!!  We soon discovered these little treasures are not as easy to make as they appear (not helped by my lack of natural creativity that my sons have inherited!!!).

We started with a pumpkin shaped fruit platter made with oranges, grape eyes,blueberry nose and strawberry mouth and green pepper stalk.  This was super-simple and very effective and I felt happy and confident moving forward with our creative flow (maybe even a bit cocky!!).

Off to a flying start!!!

Next came ferocious apple mouths, I skillfully(!!!) cut the mouth shape out of apples,then my boys flattened and moulded our Moist Mixed Berry bar into the opening as gums and we cut sharp, apple-fangs inserting them into the Get Fruity gums!!! This looked really effective (not as effective as Instagram you understand) and the boys absolutely loved it, they were fascinated with how squishy and malleable Get Fruity bars can be!!!

Not perfect, but happy(ish!) with that!

On-wards to the dreaded ‘eye-ball fiasco’ as it will forever be named in our house.  Jakey wanted round eyeballs, not with flat bottoms, and after several attempts with iced eye-balls rolling all over the place conceded that indeed the eyeballs had to have flat-bottoms.  We then tried again, cutting flattened Get Fruity bars into eye-shapes and rolling some into flat-bottomed balls.  Adding icing (which was not thick enough, but by now my will to craft was draining rapidly from me) as whites (instead of colour!) and raisins/blueberries as pupils. I have to admit these were a bit of a disaster but again the kids absolutely loved it and for Halloween partying it is a tasty gruesome treat!!

Ashamedly these are our eyeballs!!!

The boys then created their own Get Fruity Monsters, Jakey’s were Mixed Berry beasts with 3 blueberry eyes and Jesse made Marvellous Mango snakes covered in blueberry ‘humps’ and drizzled in icing; that he then gobbled up as I went to the kitchen to get a plate!!!  The fact that only the squashed remains of the snakes survived caused much hilarity to us all, though my laughter was becoming slightly hysterical if I am honest!

Just a small pile of Marvellous Mango bars to remind us that the 'monster-snakes' exsisted!!!

The grand finale was (supposed to be) white chocolate covered banana-ghosts and dark chocolate dipped strawberry vampires. I am sure you have seen many pictures of these easy to make, perfectly-covered bananas and strawberries.  Well, our ‘ghosts’ look like they have serious creased-sheet issues and their raisin eyes were wonky with most simply on the plate. The strawberry vampires never made it that far,the kids are 'happy' to have simple chocolate-covered strawberries as mummy and an icing-pipe do not (we discovered!!) mix! 

All in all our party offerings are definitely more on the comedy side of chic, my nerves are in tatters and my house is covered in stickiness but the children are super-proud of their ‘achievements’ and have laughed non-stop (at mummy)for the whole morning!!!  The treats may look revolting but taste delicious and are slightly healthy, our pumpkin extremely so! Plus, I keep telling myself, Halloween is about revolting sights and squidgy textures!!!

Hope your attempts at Halloween treat-making are more successful than mine!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Emma, her boys and the Get Fruity Team x