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Guest blogger

A day in the life of GB Aquathlete Stephanie Jackson Horner

Day in the life…february 14, 2017 by sjacksonhorner, posted in uncategorized…of me on a week day. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I am a teacher and so holidays and weekends go a little differently but Monday to Friday I follow a very set routine.

6:12 am – Africa by Toto starts my day not a moment later than 12 minutes past 6!

Shower, dress, the usual. If it’s a smart day at work (i.e. no practical lessons and so I’m in a suit) you can be sure I’ll be running late as this is slower to get in to that tracksuit bottoms and a tshirt. I love a PE kit day!

6:45am – Breakfast this is anything from overnight oats to bread and nut butter, eggs if I was quick getting changed, cereal if I was really slow. If I have had a hard session the evening before and have had a spare moment then I try to make something ready for the next morning. I spend week days dreaming of weekend pancakes.

7:10 am – Time for school

7:30 am – Arrive at school, chaos unfolds from moment one, I spend most of the time until 1:30 when lunch is trying to suppress the ever rising hunger. Numerous cups of tea might help take my mind off how starving I am but if determination is wavering then it might be the case of eating lunch at break time. Often this is of course out of ‘pre-planning from past experience’ as when one of the many lunchtime meetings arise it’s either lunch at break or lunch at 3:15, I’ll go for break time any day.

3:15pm – So after morning meeting, assembly, two lessons, duty, two more lessons, lunch club or meeting, longest hour of the day aka P5, the kids finally stop shouting in my ear shot. Here I might have the chance to grab a snack, or of course lunch if it wasn’t eaten at break. Either way I am seriously flagging again here, before the next meeting, after school club or staff training. If it’s a snack I will have been looking forward to this since my last mouthful of lunch so I always make it good. Get Fruity bars are firm favorite. I LOVE my food and am always thinking about what I can eat next however I know this has to get me through training and out the other side to tea.

4:30 if I am very lucky, 5:30 if we have had meetings, 7:30 if it has been parents evening, options evening, presentation evening ect ect ect, I get to go home.

The rest is not so much governed by time but more energy levels and therefore my average working speed.

Make tea, this will be anything massive and filing!

Go training – This varies but a standard week includes 1 HIIT session, 1 intervals session, 1 long run, 2 swims, 1 weights/power session.

Eat tea, usually cold after training with left overs going as lunch for the next day.

Collapse in bed, sleep….

….and off we go again!


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