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Fruity Easter Baskets

Want some inspiration for a healthier easter treat? We have you covered, with our extra fruity easter baskets.

What you will need

1 x Muffin Tray

4 x Get Fruity bars ( Multipack of 4 x 35g bars)

Natural Yoghurt 250g

Fresh fruit of your choice ( We went for strawberries & Raspberries)

Mini Eggs (Optional)


Step One- Take your Muffin Tin and Spray in a little coconut oil to line the bottom of each base. Crumble in your chosen Get Fruity bar.

Step Two- Squash down your Get Fruity crumble with a spoon or clean fingers, until the base is firm and formed into nest shapes.

Step Three- Freeze for 10-15 Minutes or until firm.

Step Four- Fill will a spoonful of natural yoghurt and top with your favourite fruit!


Simple and easy to make, taste amazing! Want to see the full recipe video? Check out our youtube channel