A Day In The Life

Tracy Kiss

Being a busy working single mother of two into fitness it’s easy to fall into the whirlwind of convenience; stopping off for snacks at the petrol station or throwing oven chips onto the table after a soaking-wet school run – all of the things that I swore as a mother I would never do but happen far more frequently than I’d hope. We all have spanners in the works at times, plans go up in smoke and children get sick, meetings over run and the time-consuming stock of raw vegetables to prepare for dinner in the fridge don’t seem half as appealing as swinging past a fast-food restaurant on the way home with rumbling tummies.

99.9% of the time I’m a domestic goddess thriving on routine, order and my clean vegan lifestyle, but the other 0.01% I crave something sweetly satisfying and immediate which is why I’ve fallen head over heels for Get Fruity bars. Since reaching my late twenties I’m no longer one for (vegan) chocolate as I prefer snacking on nuts or frozen fruits for texture and flavour as opposed to the sickliness of sweets and sugar. I start each day with a pea protein and rolled oats shake before my workout and love nothing more than rustling through my protein cupboard for dried fruits, seeds and healthy nibbles throughout the day when I’m at home.

Nutritious, deliciously moist and containing only four ingredients I’m reassured by nature that my stock of Get Fruity Bars in the kitchen for the children and I are a convenient snack minus the guilt. Made from wholegrain oats and virgin coconut oil – two ingredients which are already a major part of my diet – the 2.1g of protein and 20.6g of carbohydrates per bar keep me perfectly fuelled for the gym and my focus always on point. At 135 calories each the bars are perfect for throwing into my handbag when on the road, as a post-workout snack, a treat for elevenses along with my cup of hot lemon and a great way to silence my chirping children’s rumbling tummies whilst they wait for dinner on dance night or to surprise them in their lunchboxes instead of boring old sandwiches.

We don’t eat dessert in our home as I was never raised to have sweets and treats on a daily basis and that’s something that I’ve carried on to my own children but I’m more than happy to reward good behaviour with a fruit bar and they’re also a great incentive to finish homework on a school night. In the past 12 months I’ve passed four exams and qualified as a Pure Elite Tattooed Muscle Model professional in the UK Championships for bodybuilding which has been a juggling act in itself but it goes to show that hard work, dedication and a positive healthy attitude towards food and exercise make all the difference!


Thanks so much to Tracy for sharing her ‘Day in the life’ with Get Fruity. Check out Tracy’s website and social media pages, they are an inspiration.

*Tracy Kiss- Website www.tracykiss.com  * Tracy Kiss- Facebook * Tracy Kiss- Twitter

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Posted on 2nd May 2017 | Latest News

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