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Apricots are naturally sun-kissed, soft and smooth. They are sweet to taste, with a subtle tartness and smooth texture. The orange juice adds a tangy citrus zing to compliment the natural sweetness that comes from the lovely soft apricots. The spicy ginger flavour adds a naturally gentle hit of flavour to your taste buds. This mix of ingredients makes this bar a firm favourite for after the gym snack.


Refreshingly fruity blackcurrants give our bar a longer lasting intense fruity flavour. Our juice infused cranberries add a clean but zingy taste to the bar, the perfect combination of fruit, oats and coconut oil. The added blend of blackberry juice, adds rich berry flavour and scrumptious texture. A favourite as an after school snack or in school packed lunchboxes.


Natural sweet strawberries give our bar its wonderfully fragrant, sweet and moist taste and texture. Adding to the aromatic flavour is the red grape juice. There is no added carmine in our bars means the natural taste is Vegan too.


Give your taste buds a wake-up call with this little bars vibrant colour and exotic taste. Packed with zing, full of lip-smacking juices and baked to create the perfect texture. Our mango bar is the ideal for you and the family to enjoy as a dessert, dairy free snack that looks as good as it tastes.


Mouth-watering raspberries are added to this bar to give an authentic, fruity flavours that ticks the boxes of what a fruit bar should be, natural sweetness with a moist and fragrant aftertaste. The perfect snack for a sporty energy boost, popped into a handbag, in your car glove box for when you need a fruity treat.


Sharp and intense pineapple freshness is matched with the smooth and creamy texture and taste of desiccated coconut flakes and apple juices. A fantastic natural snack for adults and children on the go or as an after dinner treat.

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