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The latest news and tasty recipes from the Get Fruity family

Healthy Lunchboxes!

We love taking healthy lunchboxes with us when we go for family walks, so we have come up with some tasty recipes for on the go snacking.

Natural Sugar V's Refined Sugar

We love eating healthy food but sometimes its confusing what is good for you. We have lots of people asking us why our bars are healthy when they conatin fruit, which is the only thing we add to sweeten our bars.

Healthy Low Fat Blackberry and Get Fruity Bar Crumble

* Gluten Free * Dairy Free * Low Fat * Vegan * Easy to Make *

Vegan Plant-based Picnics

Happy adventure days with plant-based picnics and Get Fruity!

Help with Morning Sickness

The cause of morning sickness is still pretty much an unknown, with many people saying it is a good thing as it’s a hormone surge when the placenta and baby is developing.

Marketing Manager

With a background in marketing and communications you’ll be highly experienced in delivering a holistic communication strategy across a variety of channels, including (but not limited to) print advertising, website, social media, PR and mail-chimp.

Things to do in Cornwall

Here at Get Fruity we love nothing more than jamming our bags full of healthy snacks and heading out exploring our beautiful Cornwall. School holidays are our very favourite time of the year as we get to spend oodles of family time together...

Pineapple, Mango & Lime Mocktail

We love a good cocktail and we wanted to create one that not only the adults could enjoy but the little ones as well. Using inspiration from our Tangy Pineapple, Coconut & Lime bar and our Marvellous Mango bar we have made a delicious and refreshing mocktail for our fruity fans to try.

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